[Race formats]Omnium

The Omnium is made up of 4 events. They, in order, are Scratch (10km for Men, 7.5km for Women), Tempo Race (10km for Men, 7.5km for Women), Elimination and Points Race (25km for Men, 20km for Women). It is held over one day. During the Tempo Race, sprints are conducted every lap after the first 4 laps (or starting on 5th lap). After completion of the first 4 laps, the bell is rung to indicate start of the sprint laps. Winner of each sprint is awarded 1 point, including the final sprint. Rider who gains a lap on the main bunch is awarded 20 points. Rider who is caught up by the main bunch is deducted 20 points. Points accumulated by riders over the first 3 events, on the basis of the points scale, 40 points to the winner, 38 points to the second place and 36 points to the third place and so on, are added up. Points earned from the final race, Points Race are directly added to the total scores. The rider who has the highest total of points at the end of the 4th event wins, therefore, Points Race is a critical event in the Omnium.